McGrath Newcastle (operating as McGrath Regional Logistic Group) is based in the Newcastle Port Precinct in Elizabeth Street, Carrington.

McGrath has secure, first class warehousing facilities available to our clients. Our 24,000m² main facility includes 6,000m² of secure undercover warehouse space and 15,000m² of hardstand storage located in the Newcastle Port Precinct. The warehouses are just 15 minutes’ drive from the major national northern and southern highway links.

Whether you need extra time between the delivery of your containers and the pick up of your goods, or if you’re looking for a medium to long term storage solution, McGrath Newcastle has a range of options available as part of our comprehensive transport logistics packages and also as a stand alone service.

Our warehousing options include: external hard stand, secure warehouse space with both racked and floor storage, under cover awning area, pallet spaces and an isolated hazardous storage area. We invite inspection of our warehouse at a time convenient to you. For specific information or enquiries about our storage dimensions and capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

What you get with McGrath Newcastle’s expert warehousing

Container Unloading

We’ll unload your container for you and store it safely in our warehouse until you’re ready to have your products delivered. We’ll even keep it on site and facilitate direct customer pickup.

Dedicated Storage

When you need a warehousing partner not just a subcontractor for a job, McGrath Newcastle is the go to provider in the Newcastle and Hunter, of medium to long term dedicated storage solutions.

Clean and Secure

At McGrath Newcastle we pride ourselves on the care and maintenance of our warehousing facilities. The warehouses and larger business premises are housed in a heavily secured lot.

Exceptional Service

Whether it’s delivering products to local end users or allowing our clients’ customers to pick up individual items from larger shipments on site we will always go the extra mile to service your business.